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Your MGs: Journey to the Arctic Circle
Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

Journey to the Arctic CircleDave and Laurel Godwin have an  insatiable appetite for long distance touring in their MGA. Last year they headed up to the Arctic Circle, before making their way down to the foot of Italy. This is the tale of the Arctic adventure.

In November 2012, Our MGA ‘RIP’ arrived in the UK, having left Cape Agulhas, the most southerly point of Africa in September with 10 other classic MGs. She had survived the road from hell in Kenya and enjoyed the comradeship of the other MG adventurers along the way. However, a coming together with a taxi in Nairobi meant that RIP had to spend the winter in the UK at a panel beater who returned her to the condition to which she has become accustomed, while Laurel and I returned home to Australia.

Your MGs: Maximum fun for minimum budget
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 00:00

YOUR MGsPaul Hills’ fine-looking MGF is proof that even the roughest-looking car may be hiding a real gem, and that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it gleam.

Just last year after many months of looking for an easy (ie. cheap!) project, I read one of your MG Enthusiast magazines and decided an MGF was what I needed. After many near misses on eBay, I was lucky(?!) enough to stop for fuel at a local Rutland garage and saw a sorry looking MGF in a neglected state parked under a tree. I had briefly looked at this car about nine months earlier, but decided that at £1495 it was much too dear. But now it had no tax, no MoT, two flat tyres and a slime covered body with a nice lime green growth around the window. I noticed a slight dent in the bonnet (probably branch damage), and when I opened the doors I found wet, slime-covered seats. The soft top looked intact, but the rear window was open with a big hole in the panel.

Your MGs: That’s our car!
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 00:00

That’s our car! Robert and Hazel Taylor were intrigued to see our recent stories on what may have been the last TF built by MG-Rover. That’s because they are the current owners!

I read with interest Steven Ward’s account in the November issue of buying his MG TF after the closure of Longbridge, a car he believed was the final TF to be produced on the MG-Rover lines. I am the ‘collector’ who purchased it from him at Silverstone in 2006, though the car is actually registered to my wife, Hazel. We saw it advertised at what was called MG Silverstone International in those days.

We hadn’t really been looking for a TF as we already had a 1960 MGA which I’d bought as a wreck in 1976 and spent 25 years on and off rebuilding. But we were vaguely thinking of getting another MG that we could use on a more regular basis than the MGA, saw the TF and stopped for a closer look. We got talking to Steven, who told us a bit of the car’s history and the story of how he bought it.

Your MGs: MGs both big and small
Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:00

MGs both big and smallMichael Bernhard in Switzerland shows how an enthusiast can satisfy his lust for owning more and more MGs while still keeping a lid on the costs – by supplementing his roadgoing cars with scale models of the real things

Here are some photos of the 1:24 scale collection I have built up over the years – the last one, the MGA Coupé, has only just been finished and the BGT was recently given a new lease on life after being accidentally dropped. I collected and kept MG kits in boxes in a cupboard for decades because of a hectic professional and family life, but now with retirement well under way and before my eyes conk out, I have endeavoured to finish them all with the results shown on the attached photos.

Now I’ve found the time and patience to get the entire collection made up of MGs from 1946 until the end of the MGB derivatives. However, in the 1970s I did find time to make up the models of those MGs I owned. These are: my first, the black MGA MkII bought new in 1962 and stupidly sold in 1966, the green 1954 TF 1250 which I owned from 1971 to 1986, and my current 1972 MGB GT which I have owned since August 1999. Unfortunately I have not yet found a 1:24 (or 1:18) scale model of the lovely RV8 I owned from 2008 to 2012. Neo Models come closest with their 1:43 model, but I haven’t included a picture of this.

Your MGs: The last of the BMC bloodline?
Thursday, 17 October 2013 11:19

your mgsSteven Ward recalls the very special TF that he managed to buy  through a mixture of persistence, determination and sheer cheek after the closure of Longbridge

Eight years ago in 2005, the last wholly assembled and British-built car left Longbridge. That vehicle was my somewhat special build MG TF, a car that you could say was BMC’s final swan song.

Finished after lunch on June 7th 2005, my TF was remarkable for no obvious reason aside from being the last one built. You see, back when the factory went into receivership, the assembly lines had been kept running with money provided by HBOS, which was in turn underwritten by the dealer network. My TF, however, was I have been led to believe built using cash from now-disgraced former director John Towers’ own pocket. This is what caught my attention at the time, and what followed was a week of cat-and-mouse to ensure I became the owner of the car. Let me explain...

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