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Your MGs: The last of the BMC bloodline?
Thursday, 17 October 2013 11:19

your mgsSteven Ward recalls the very special TF that he managed to buy  through a mixture of persistence, determination and sheer cheek after the closure of Longbridge

Eight years ago in 2005, the last wholly assembled and British-built car left Longbridge. That vehicle was my somewhat special build MG TF, a car that you could say was BMC’s final swan song.

Finished after lunch on June 7th 2005, my TF was remarkable for no obvious reason aside from being the last one built. You see, back when the factory went into receivership, the assembly lines had been kept running with money provided by HBOS, which was in turn underwritten by the dealer network. My TF, however, was I have been led to believe built using cash from now-disgraced former director John Towers’ own pocket. This is what caught my attention at the time, and what followed was a week of cat-and-mouse to ensure I became the owner of the car. Let me explain...

Your MGs: Riley Riviera returns
Thursday, 19 September 2013 00:00

your mgsIt’s not an MG, but it has plenty of MG running gear and was a close relative of the MkIII Magnette! John Lakey of the Cambridge-Oxford Owners Club explains how they organised a return to its Salisbury home for the rarest of all the BMC Farinas

Wessex Motors of Salisbury announced the Riley Riviera in December 1960, and it is believed that they produced 15-20 examples. Based on the Riley 4/68, it featured a more powerful Downton Engineering modified 1588cc MGA engine, disc brakes, wire wheels and many extras such as integrated spot lights. Wessex also re-profiled the large rear fins into a smoother and more streamlined look that foreshadowed BMC’s own facelift of the range in 1962. Wessex then created the Riley Silhouette in 1962 using a Riley 4/72 base car and the MGB’s 1800 engine, although only three were constructed.

Your MGs: Jerry Storch cartoons
Friday, 16 August 2013 00:00

your mgSomething different this month as a great friend to the magazine, Greg Prehodka, shares these wry views of MGs and motorsport created by TC racer Jerry Storch

A  few years ago after my friend Jerry Storch passed away, his wife Cindy gave me his MG racing and vintage racing cartoon artwork which he created over the years for the MG Vintage Racers newsletter and the Vintage Sports Car Club of America magazine. He was quite an artist at these creations, both in the captions and the art.

Your MGs: Barmy to Barcelona
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 00:00

your mgWhy drive 2500 miles in two MGFs painted in Martini Racing livery, all the while wearing a 1970s wig and fake moustache? Well, why not? Tim Wale explains

We first got into banger rallies back in 2010. I happened to mention to my friend and part-time work colleague, Nick Bailey, that I’d love to do the Gumball Rally but that it cost thousands of pounds just to enter. Within minutes, he had found a banger rally to Split in Croatia that cost just £250. Together with my brother Kevin we entered, bought a Citroën ZX, prepped it in Martini racing colours and set off, all within four weeks.

We had a fantastic time, and so in 2011 we entered another rally, this time to Krakow in Poland. We drove a Volvo 850 estate on that one which we had painted up to look like a sky full of lightning. We also stuck a Plasma disc in the back window with a smoke machine and lightning strobes to complete the effect.

Your MGs: MGs for life
Tuesday, 18 June 2013 00:00

your MGsDick Horn is President of the Keystone Region MG Club in Pennsylvania, USA. Here he tells his MG memories from the last 50 years to long-time supporter of MG Enthusiast magazine and all-round good guy, Greg Prehodka.

The start of my affliction, disease or whatever you would like to call MG-itis occurred in 1964. I was in the Air Force driving home on leave from Maine in my 1957 Chrysler Dodge Coronet when it lost its timing and blew both mufflers off just before arriving home in Pennsylvania. This was the last straw for that beast – I had sunk so much cash into it, but this time I said: ‘No more!’

So the next day I set off to find a new money pit. There were a couple of car dealers in the area, but nothing that caught my eye, so we drove a little more and looked around in nearby towns. As we drove by Young’s Volkswagen, I spotted a little green car with a convertible top and thought: ‘What is that?’ Well ‘that’ turned out to be an MG TD and it was love at first sight.

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