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Your MGs: The Beloved Spouse
Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:00

The Beloved SpouseRobert Woodfull’s little blue TD featured in the photo competition of our December 2011 issue. Now he fills us in on some essential background to the love of his life

The MG experience commenced back in the year of 1967 when a nice Monza Red 1961 MGA, registration GLK 564, was purchased. The decision to buy an MG was prompted by a mate who had recently purchased an MGA Coupé. Being seen driving mother’s Morris Minor suddenly didn’t project a fitting image. Also, having just become engaged to be married, one had to become more independent; to step up and make important decisions; take charge of one’s life.

As could be expected, the pros and cons of purchasing such a practical vehicle would normally have been discussed at length with the Beloved (yet to be) Spouse. But there’s no point entering into verbal conflict so early in a lifetime relationship. Let’s make it a surprise. With that little obstacle in the background, what lay ahead was the youthful exuberance of open top motoring.

Now married, the Beloved Spouse had to be seen to take some priority. Needless to say, GLK 564 was invited on the honeymoon. However, concessions were introduced into the negotiations. No self-respecting, newly-wedded bride would travel without her hair dryer. No point entering into verbal conflict at this happy time. The spare wheel was sacrificed to gain more luggage space.

The honeymoon journey included a tour of the Victorian high country and into the Australian Alps before heading further north. One afternoon saw the A venturing to the top of Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest mainland mountain. Prior to 1976, it was possible to drive the full distance all the way to the summit. However, the challenge commenced when road conditions deteriorated considerably over the final stage dictating a speed of little more than walking pace. At this point, the Beloved Spouse considered her chances of survival were better if she attempted the final ascent by foot. All eventually arrived at the determined destination with the Beloved Spouse gasping for breath in the rarefied air. No point entering into verbal conflict at this emotional time, there was still the return trip to contemplate.




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